The safest Far UV-C
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Introducing the first non-harmful Far UV-C Lamp

Introducing the First Non-Harmful Far UV-C Lamp

Deactivation of up to 99.9 percent of viruses including SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens in a few minutes without harming human skin or eyes. Our combination of Far UV-C light and patented safety filter technology is a breakthrough for the disinfection of occupied spaces.

UV222™ emits a type of UV-C light that, when applied in the correct doses and in combination with our patented safety filter technology, is harmless to humans.

Watch our video to learn more about the safety of Far – UVC Light

No Harmful Doses

UV222™ emits Far UV-C light at a wavelength of 222 nanometres (nm) in harmless doses. The doses of Far UV-C light emitted by UV222™ are in full compliance with local, European, and global guidelines.

No Penetration of Human Skin

Numerous independent research projects have demonstrated that Far UV-C light at 222 nm, when emitted in the correct doses, can deactivate pathogens while remaining unable to penetrate the outer layer of mammalian skin or the outer tear layer of the eye.

Safe from Ozone

It is well known that UV-C light having wavelengths shorter than 240nm more readily generates Ozone (O3) as compared to longer wavelengths in the range of 240 – 280nm. For this reason the leading developers of 222nm sanitation devices have gone to great lengths to engineer lamps that negate Ozone.

The recognised Ozone Exposure Limits are;

  • ACGIH: 100 – 50 ppb
  • OSHA: 100 ppb per 8-hour continuous exposure
  • FDA: 50 ppb for extended exposure periods

Since safety is paramount to UV Medico, UV222™ sanitation devices employ a lamp design that substantially inhibits the generation of Ozone to a level below 5 ppb. Meaning that it’s ultra-safe, way below exposure limits and below the level at which it can be smelled. To put this value of 5 ppb in perspective, the average natural background concentrations of ground-level ozone is in the range of 14 – 49 ppb.

There are however Far UV-C lamps on the market generate Ozone at levels that are orders of magnitude greater than ours and easily result in Ozone levels that exceed the recognised Ozone Exposure Limits. Therefore buyers need to be cautious especially in settings like hospitals, aged care facilities, child care facilities and schools.



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