What makes UV222 so effective

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UV light has been used for over a century to disinfect environments by removing viruses and bacteria. However, most UV light is also harmful to human tissue, which means people cannot be present in the room when the light is on. This has all changed with UV222.

A Far UV-C lamp without a filter emits light in a narrow band around a 222 nm peak, but also releases secondary emissions around 235 nm and 250 nm. These extra wavelengths are known as side-bands or side-emissions. These wavelengths are harmful to humans, but the unique and patented safety filter in UV222 blocks them before they are emitted into the surrounding environment.

The safety filter technology in the lamp from UV Medico is a thin filter that only lets through light at around 222 nm and blocks all other unwanted radiation. It works much in the same way as sunglasses with UV protection, blocking the UV radiation from passing through and entering the environment, making the light from UV222 safe.

How efficient is UV light?

Even short exposures to 222nm light is efficient in inactivating SARS-CoV2.


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