Eliminate 99.9% of viruses and turn your equestrian facilities into a safe space for horses

The global equine industry is affected by illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria every year.
This is a critical issue for the livelihood of those involved in the industry – from private barns and boarding facilities, to equine hospitals and clinics, vet practices, show grounds and transportation.

The solution:

Far UV-C light continually disinfects both air and surfaces.
It is a safe and effective solution combining Far UV-C light at a low wave-length of 222 nm and a patented safety filter which ensures up to 99.9% elimination of viruses and pathogens in just a few minutes without any risk of harm to horses or people.

Installation Options:

UV222 Stable- Ideal for all indoor areas

This highly effective solution for surface and air disinfection can be used in all spaces and is safe to use in presence of people and animals.

UV222 prevents the spread of exisiting and emerging viruses by rapidly deactivating pathogens such as bacteria, mould, mites, spores, fungi, etc.

UV222 Transport- Ideal for all forms of horse transport.

Keep horses safe while on the move by installing UV222 Vehicle. The lamp will provide a constant extra layer of disinfections without extending the cleaning process.