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What is Far UV-C?

UV-C light at 222nm is highly effective against pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 and what is most important, it is not harmful to humans or animals.

Ireland’s exclusive representatives for UV Medico products.

UV Medico is Europe’s pre-eminent developer and manufacturer of the world’s safest Far UVC sanitation lights.

What we do:

  • Expert engineering assessment
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Device set-up
  • Technical Support

Safe, Effective, Applications


Uncompromising & unparalleled levels of safety

The patented safety filter that is built into the 222UV light prevents leakage of all harmful wavelengths.

Additionally incorporated smart sensors and controls ensures compliance with EU Safety Directive 2006/25/EC.


Proven and validated

Backed by the works of outstanding scientists, engineers and medical professionals; 222 UV-C has been proven to inactivate the DNA of air borne and surface bound infectious pathogens within minutes.


An ever-growing number
of use-cases

Far UV-C can be used in all indoor environments. Especially in occupied spaces where infection transmission is likely.

Where can UV-C Lighting be used?

UV-C Lighting is being used in a number of settings including:

  • Hospitals
  • COVID wards and respiratory clinics
  • COVID testing centres and vaccination clinics
  • Care homes
  • Hotels, hostels and serviced apartments
  • Airports, train stations and ferry terminals
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Cinemas, theatres, museums and casinos
  • Doctors, dentists, physiotherapists
  • Schools, colleges and childcare centres
  • Gyms, hair salons, nail and beauty salons
  • Agricultural: Horses, Pigs, Birds

Protecting hospitals, healthcare facilities, and businesses of all sizes from infectious diseases

Solving Problems

The growth of populations leads to a growth in the spread of pathogens. COVID-19 has shined a light on how quickly dangerous infections can spread. However, this is not a new problem.

Hospital acquired infections, transmission in care home settings and other vulnerable locations has been a problem for years and will continue to persist into the future. UVMedico’s 222nm UV-C sanitation lamps provide a solution to this problem in a safe, easy and cost effective way.


UVMedico’s UV lamps combine expert research and leading technologies to produce a safe and effective device that can be implemented easily into any type of setting.

Worldwide, scientists and engineers have come together to manufacture the safest and most reliable Far UV-C lamp on the market.

Peace of Mind

During a time where safety in publicly occupied spaces is of huge importance, where many businesses have suffered due to staff and customers feeling unsafe and where there is a growing need for businesses to make changes in their sanitation protocols- UVMedico’s 222nm UVC lamps deliver the best defence against infectious disease for your own peace of mind as well as that of your staff and customers.

Minimised Costs

UVMedico’s lamps are substantially cheaper than UVC robots and chemical sanitisers while at the same time, being more effective. This means that this game-changing technology can be implemented by everyone.

First-Class Safety

What makes UVMedico’s sanitation devices stand out from the crowd, is the fact that they are harmless to humans.

The devices emit UV-C light in the correct doses with a patented safety filter. This means that the light can be used in publically occupied spaces and will remain harmless to human skin and eyes. This fully complies with European and global safety standards.

Demonstrated Effectiveness

Numerous safety, efficacy and performance studies have been conducted by UVMedico and it’s partners, some of which can be viewed on the ‘Publicaions’ page.

Extensive research and development has been the core principle of UVMedico’s devices.



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